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Bab II Sambungan Skripsi Tentang Analisa Kesulitan Siwa Dalam Belajar Transitive Dan Intransitive Verb

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A. Grammar

1. Definition of Grammar


Grammar is the set of rules that govern its structure. Grammar determines how words are arranged to form meaningful units . According to Leech and Geoffrey, Grammar is reference to the mechanism according to which language works when it is used to
communicate with other people, Grammar is a mechanism for putting words together, but we have said little about sound of meaning.

To be good in English, we must be able to communicate and arrange sentence well. In English sentence containing a subject and a predicate and expressing complete thought. To make a good sentence we must  be able to  set the sentence grammatically. When we write a sentence we should be sure that the ideas that we express based on grammatical order. What we need to do is to thing of written sentence as a complete structure.

Every language has own system of meaningful arrangement of word and from of speech that is significance different any other language. One who want to learn or to interact in language should learn many system, which will raise variety of difficulty due to the distinct system of this native language. Many part of language must be know it can influence the meaning of utterance that appears in speaking and writing system.Language is tool that use by all human being feeling to give much information to other.

Here the language should be uttered correctly and orderly. So, the information that given can be accepted and understood. The structure of language has relationship among the element itself. Risnayanti assume that the language is the system which structurally has the relation among the element that used to modify the meaning.  It is important aspect for the student to master English perfectly . all of the language has their grammar system, because it is one of the most important aspect to indicate the nature of language. Anyone can use this language in speaking but they sometime are not able to use the language based on grammatical procedure of language they use. English is a foreign language for the student in Indonesia, the will get many kinds of difficulties to whom he wants to use the English should know the grammatical of it.

What seem to be the case is that all component language user know these rules although the majority of use would find it difficult to articulate them. This largely subconscious knowledge consist of a finite number of sentence. our one example alone could generate literally thousands of sentences and a moments reflection will convince us that we will never be able to say all the possible sentence of the language. So our average native speaker who say they don’t know grammar about right and wrong. They don’t consciously know any grammar and could not produce any rules of grammar without study and though. But they don’t have a language competence which is subconsciously and which allow them to generate grammatical correct sentence.

So, in conclusion grammar is really important both in written and spoken learn a language, like English we learn the sound which is use in the language, the basic unit of meaning, such as word and rule to combine to this form in new sentence. The element and rule of grammar.

Crystal and David assume that the grammar is one the system of language. People sometime describe grammar as the “rules” of language, but in fact no language has rule. If we use the word “rules” we suggest that somebody creates the rules first and spoke the language, like a new game. But language did not start like that. Language started by people making sound which evolved into word, phrases and sentences. No commonly spoken language is fixed . all language change overtime. What we call “grammar” is simply a reflection of a language at a particular time.

Do we need study grammar to learn a language ? the sort answer is “no”. Many people in the world speak their own, native language speaks without having studied it grammar. Children start to speak before they ever know the grammar. But if you are serious about foreign language the long answer is “yes”, grammar can help you learn a language a more quickly and more efficiently . its important
to think of grammar as something can help you, like a friend. When you understand to grammar, you can understand many thing with yourself, without having to ask the teacher or look in a book. So, think the grammar as something that can use to find your way or your purpose-like a signpost or map.

2. The Definition of Verb

Verb is a word that shows action, activity or what is being done, and can also express sate of being.  Verb is the most important part of the sentence. A verb or compound verb asserts something about the subject of the sentence and express actions, events, or states of being. The verb or compound verb is the critical element of the predicate of a sentence.

Randolph Quirk and Sidney Greenboum state that “a sentence may alternatively be seen as comprising five units called element of sentences structure: subject, predicates, object, compliment which consist of adverb(place, manner, and adverb of time)”.

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