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Educating It’s Like Cooking A Meal Or Building A New Home, Is It True?

What are the similarities between educating and cook food or to build a house? Viewed from one side, the equation that much. Generally in each of the activities there are inputs, processes, and products. In cooking food, the input is the raw material (vegetable, meat, rice) which is then processed (cooked) that produce products (food palatable).

In building a house, the input is building materials (sand, bricks, etc.) Are then processed (mixed and built) so as to produce a product (a beautiful home). In educating, the input is the learners who have not been educated, which was then processed (trained, educated, taught) so that it becomes a product (graduates educated with high quality).

In detail, each of the activities it has:

  1. The specific objective;
  2. Based on a plan;
  3. Require a tool for processing;
  4. Requires a process;
  5. The process of implementation of the plan carried out by a person trained;
  6. Evaluated before it is presented as a product that is ready to be used.

In cooking food, the goal is to produce food that is good to eat. Specifically, the goal could be meatballs, chicken soup, or hodgepodge. In building a house or building, the goal is to produce a home or building livable. Specifically, the goal could be a playhouse, the longhouse, apartments, conference hall. In educating, that goal is to produce high-quality graduates and beneficial to society. Specifically, the goal could be a graduate who is fluent in Arabic, memorized the Quran, an expert in the field of mathematics, an expert in the field of aircraft, or a doctor.

In each activity, the purpose occupies a very important position. This goal will determine the plan that must be made, process, and equipment required. For example, how to make and the tools to make meatballs of course different from creating and tools to make a hodgepodge. Similarly, methods and equipment for making home building is different from the method and apparatus for making a house of wood. Ways and equipment necessary to educate an engineering degree is different from how and equipment needed to educate expert or experts fiqh literature.

In the course of making food, plan or procedure is called a recipe. In the manufacture of a house or building, the plan is referred to as a blue-print. And, in educational activities, the plan is referred to as the curriculum, syllabus or lesson plans. As said above, the shape of this plan is determined by the objectives to be achieved. Without a clear purpose and specific, would be difficult to make a proper plan.

In this action plan is usually mentioned material (input) what is needed, how much, how the specifications, ideal conditions, etc. Also mentioned how to process the input so that a product is expected, as well as what equipment to use and how to use them. The clarity of this plan is particularly important if the plan were to be implemented by other people (not planners or designers). Especially if carrying out the crowd, as well as in a large restaurant, housing projects, or at college / school.

Once the plan is created, it is determined what equipment is needed to implement the plan. In the cooking, this equipment could be stove, fryer, pan, etc. In the course of making home, this equipment can be a bulldozer, hoes, shovels, etc.. In the teaching and learning activities, these devices can be computers, blackboards, desks, etc.

In addition to the equipment, also needed a place to perform these activities. In cooking, the activity is usually the kitchen. In the construction of a house or building where this activity can be a land where the building will be built. In educational activities, where these activities are usually called campus or school.

After the equipment and activities are determined and obtained, it is determined who should carry out the plan. In the cooking process, implementing the plan usually is a cook. In the large restaurant, cook, this number could be large and are divided into several sections according to its function. There are parts of the cut of meat, frying, seasoning mix, up to the test of perfection food (artisan tasting). In the course of the construction of buildings or houses, implementing this plan is the artisan. There are carpenters, locksmiths, bricklayers, painters, etc. Likewise in the world of education. The executors of this plan is usually called teachers, or coaches with their respective expertise.

In the great restaurants, the cooks are usually coordinated by a Head Chef. He is responsible for the quality of food produced by the cooks it. In the construction of a large building, coordination against the artisan is usually done by a Head of Projects. He is responsible for the timely completion of the project, in accordance with the plan (blueprint) agreed, and with the quality that has been agreed upon as well. In the world of education, this coordination function held by the Principal, the Rector, Dean, or Head of Department (according to the level of responsibility of each). He is responsible for the completion of the education of students / students on time, according to the curriculum (educational plan) has been agreed, and with the quality of graduates that have been agreed in school, department, faculty, or university.

Equally important is the evaluation. Evaluation is a tool dick quality based on the quality standards that have been set previously. Evaluation of these products is especially important when food, home / building, education and services it wants to be sold to the public. In the process of cooking, this evaluation is done by tasting the cuisine. In the construction of buildings / houses, this evaluation is done by testing the strength of the building. In education, this evaluation is done through a final exam before graduation.

Product quality will be determined whether these components are of good quality or not. If the device is not of good quality, the possibility of product quality will not be as good as expected. For example, which is not a good plan would be difficult to produce a good product. However, a good plan and the quality is not necessarily produce a good product if the process of implementation, implementing personnel, equipment, or how to evaluate it or people do not evaluate good quality. All components that interact in a system influence each other.

The school principal, department head, dean, or the rector is like the head of the project or the head chef is responsible for the quality of the product. Their main task is to ensure the good quality of each component so as to produce a good quality product as well.

Translation by using google translate


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  1. Ganar Gatul

    wahhh saya tidak mudeng nih kalo tdk di translate πŸ˜€
    bentar2 saya translate πŸ˜€

    1. Muhammad Mukhlis

      Hehe, makasih mas ganar, salam dan sukses mas πŸ™‚

  2. Salamun Alfarisy

    Proses mendidik yang baik mas, tapi lebih maksimal lagi jika langsung diberikan contoh berkelanjutan secara nyata kepada yg peserta/orang yg hendak di didik, karena secara tidak langsung akan memotivasi orang tersebut untuk praktek dg contoh dari yg memberikan tauladan itu sendiri.

    Good article about education technical.

    1. Muhammad Mukhlis

      okay thanks mas salamun, namun untukj penjelasan mengenai contoh yang sesuai dngan judul saya rasa di pertengan paragraph ada mas, namun contohnya hanya saya ibaratkan sesuai dengan judul saja, Oya terimakasi mas sukses selalu πŸ™‚

  3. Chisana Sekai

    Nyimak aja deh, nunggu ada yang translatein πŸ˜€

    1. Muhammad Mukhlis

      hehe, silahkan mas, semoga bermanfaat πŸ™‚

  4. Dwi Sugiarto

    I feel all require a process.Its Correct?

    1. Muhammad Mukhlis

      that's right, the everything has to start with the process, thanks mr sugi, succes for u πŸ™‚

  5. Ubed Cakep

    Nice post gan, Ane kurang begitu paham sama bahasa Inggris, izin nyimak aja gan haha

    1. Muhammad Mukhlis

      hehe, ya silahkan mas cakep, semoga bisa bermanfaat, salam sukses πŸ™‚

  6. Yuni andriyani

    he..he..he.. artikelnya keren….

    1. Muhammad Mukhlis

      hehe, kaya admin nya ga mbak πŸ™‚

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