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Increasing Students’ Reading Ability Through Direct Method

Salam hangat sahabat semua, kembali lagi update artikel seperti biasanya guna untuk memperkaya artikel didalam blog ini. Seperti biasa masih berkaitan dengan masalah skripsi bahas inggris yang berjudul “Increasing Students’ Reading Ability Through Direct Method” (An Experimental Study at SMPN 18 Banda Aceh)

Oke langsung saja ke bahasnya :



1.1 Background of Study

In teaching and learning process, the teachers often trapped merely in applying contents based on language instruction to reach the target curriculum in respective semester. It has been common that almost all of English teachers are confused to teach reading to student. Therefore, English teachers usually make their students bored. Most of them try to do the assignment by copying the answer from their friends.

In relation to reading, Departemen Pendidikan Nasional (DEPDIKNAS 2004) clearly states in the curriculum of KTSP for SMP which still adopts Competency- Based curriculum of 2004 that the reading should take place during the teaching and learning process. This stipulation is translated from KTSP (2004:32) statements as follow, “The teachers are highly demanded to develop students’ ability in creating communicative skills. It is intended that in the long run the students are able to prepare themselves to participate in their future social life at profession”.

In the syllabus of the second class in the highly Junior High School, the students are expected to be able to read the text clearly, know the meaning of the text, and find information from the text. In this case, reading becomes one of important activity in learning a language, the students obtain a lot of meaningful information on many things through reading. Revers (1981:259) perceives that reading is important activity in any language class; it can be a source of information and pleasurable activity, and also as a means of consolidating and extending one’s knowledge.

Direct method or the direct model is a way of teaching foreign language in which the teacher directly using the foreign language as the language of instruction, and without using any language of their students in teaching. If there is a word that is difficult to understand by students, the teacher would be interpreted by using props, demonstration, describe, and others.

This method rests of the understanding that the teaching of foreign language is not the same as the exact sciences. If you teach science, students are required to memorize certain formulas, think, and remember, it is in language teaching, the students direct trained to practice saying the words or specific phrases. Even if the words or phrase at first unfamiliar and not understood the students, but just a few words and the sentence will be pronounced and may also interpret it. Similarly, if we look at a mother teaches her children wet directly with teaching him, led him to say it word for word, sentence by sentence and his son complied although still funny. For example, she taught “Dad” the boy said “Aah”. But over time the child to recognize words, and finally he understood also the point.

In principle, the direct method is the primary foreign language teaching, because through this method can directly train students without using the language skills of the mother tongue (language environment). Although at first seem difficult to practice by students, but it is attractive to students.

The characteristics of this method are:

  1. The subject matter is first given word by word, and sentence structure
  2. Grammar is taught only in passing, and students are not required to memorize the formulas grammar, but the students are able to pronounce a good language.
  3. In the teaching process is always using the tool (props) props either directly, indirectly and show through symbols or certain movements
  4. Once inside the classroom, students or students truly are conditioned to accept and converse in a foreign language, and are prohibited from using other languages.

In line with the above statement, the writer intends to conduct a research in teaching reading skill to improve the students’ reading ability through Direct Method. Direct method will enable learners to engage in wider reading of good works for enjoyment and for self developments (Darsen, 1989; 23). They will also develop an understanding of other societies, cultures, values and traditions that will contribute to their emotional and spiritual growth. The writer conducted an experimental teaching at SMPN18 Banda Aceh. The research of experimental teaching will be reported in this thesis under the title “Increasing Students’ Reading Ability through Direct Method”.

1.2 The Research Problem

According to the previous background, the researcher conducted the research on teaching reading method to increase students’ reading ability through direct method. Therefore, the problem on this study is:

-Do the students who are taught reading by using direct method get the higher score than those who are taught reading without using direct method?

1.3   The Hypothesis of the Study

Based on the above problem, the following hypothesis are formulates:

The students who are taught reading by using direct method get the higher score than the students who are taught without using direct method.

1.4   The Objective of Study

This study is intended to find out whether the students who are taught reading by using direct method get higher score than students who are taught reading without using direct method.

1.5 The Scope of the Study

A limitation for the scope of study is required in order to enable the researcher to analyze and discus the problems related to the topic. In this research the writer concerns on the increasing reading skill through Direct Method at second year students of SMPN 18 Banda Aceh.

1.6 The Population and Sample

The population of this study is all of second year students of SMP 18 Banda Aceh. The sample is part of population and it must be representative (Borg, 1998). Since the number of population so small that it should be taken as sample. When the sample so small it is named data sources (Sparetly: 2002). And the samples in this study are students class XII A and XII B amounts 40 students.

1.7 The Significance of Study

The writer expects the results of this study will be useful for the English teacher of SMP N 18 Banda Aceh to increase and select the best method and strategy which are suitable for the students in increasing students’ reading ability. For the students of SMP N 18 Banda Aceh, the writer expects that they are encouraged to study English to increase of their ability in reading skill. To the other researcher, this thesis may provide information about teaching reading strategy.

1.8 The Organization of Study

This study is divided into five chapters. Chapter one is introduction which includes the background of study, research question, hypothesis of the study, the objective of study, the Scope of study, the significance of study and the organization of study. Chapter two deal with the review of literature. Chapter three is research methodology, including location ad situation of the field research, the population and sample and the technique of data analysis. Chapter four consists of the results test, and chapter five consists of the conclusion and suggestion.

Sekian terimakasih.


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  1. Sonny Ogawa

    Jadi ingat waktu SMP dulu, paling sebel dengan pelajaran Bahasa Inggris karena dalam proses mengajar, guru hanya menerapkan isi pelajaran berdasarkan instruksi. Banyak yang bosan dan sebel di tambah lagi Guru Bahasa Inggrisnya Killer. Makanya sampai sekarang saya ga bisa Bahasa Inggris mas..hehe

    1. Muhammad Mukhlis

      hehe, pengalaman saya dulu sama seperti mas ogawa, saya mulai berubah disaat menginjak bangku SMA kelas 2, ketika itu wasiat guru saya tentang bahsa international saat itu, dan akhirya saya fokus dan melanjutkan kulyah English Study Program 🙂 berbagi dikit mas, hiks hiks

    2. Sonny Ogawa

      Ya…kalau dipikir-pikir sebenarnya menyesal jg…tapi dengan kecanggihan teknologi, sekarang bisa belajar bahasa internasional via internet..

      Makasih udah berbagi mas…salam sukses selalu.

    3. Muhammad Mukhlis

      hehe, betul juga mas, sesuai dengan perkembangan teknologi yang kian pesaat, banyak hal yang bisa kita lakukan untuk mendapatkan ilmu, salah satunya internet dan lainnya, ya sama sama mas, terimaksih kembali 🙂

    4. kalau saya sih justru seneng kalau lagi pelajaran bahasa ingris,,, soalnya kalau kita bisa bahasa ingris kita itu kelihatan pinter wkwkwkw 😀

    5. Muhammad Mukhlis

      hehe, iya betul mas setuju dengan pndapat mas ahmad, slmsukses mas 🙂

  2. Bahrudin udin

    Saya senang bahasa Inggris, tapi kalau sudah SMA sudah mulai tinggi

    1. Muhammad Mukhlis

      yups mas, semoga senang selalu mas bahrudin, sukses mas :

  3. Dzatmiko oi

    waduh pusing aku baca nya mas, masih banyak yang belum aku ngerti dari bahasa international ini, padahal sewaktu SMP dulu aku senang pelajaran B.Inggris tapi Waktu SMA sama sekali aku kurang suka pelajaran itu, ya mungkin pengaruh dari guru yang kurang menyenangkan dalam mengajarkan pelajaran B.Inggris (menurut ku pribadi)

    1. Muhammad Mukhlis

      eumm, ya mas benar juga, guru pelajaran salah satu foktor juga bagi pembelajaran, guru harus menarik perhatian anak anak didik dan harus mampu mengiteraksi dengan anak didik, jika anak didik senang dengan gurunya, maka jika keesokan harinya ketika guru tersebut absen, walaupun bahasa asing sama sekali, siswa akan bertanya kemanakah guru bahasa inggris saya hari ini, kok ndak nampak ? hehe, tnmks banyak mas, slm sukses

  4. yanto cungkup

    kayaknya mengajar dengan system praktek dengan cara menggunakan bahasa inggris akan lebih efektif yamas.

    wah cepet banget nih updatenya mas

    1. Muhammad Mukhlis

      hehe, betul mas, ya mumpung mas sekarang serba kilat, seperti dulunya mau foto 3 hari baru siap, nah sekarang sudah ada foto kilat satu jam sudah siap, dan bahkan ada namanaya kalo ditempat saya pessantren kilat hahaha 🙂

  5. Irwin Andriyanto

    NO 1.5 gak di bold

    NO 1.6 ada dua poin yang sama

    1. Muhammad Mukhlis

      emmm, trimaksi banyak mas irwin kbetulan sya kurang kosen kmaren mas dan ga teliti. 🙂 sukses buat mas 🙂

    2. Irwin Andriyanto

      yoo sama sama,,,

  6. Hmm, angguk-angguk aja deh kalo di kasih bahasa inggris -_-

    1. Muhammad Mukhlis

      jangan diangguk angguk mulu mas, digeleng geleng sesekali : hiks hiks

    2. digoyang sekalian mas hahaha XD

    3. Muhammad Mukhlis

      goya apa mas, goyang dumang ya, hehe

  7. sepertinya saya membutuhkan kamus kalau mampir kesini heheeh 🙂

    1. Muhammad Mukhlis

      haha, apa mesti saya hub mbah google mas, suruh bawain translatenya 🙂 wkwkwkw oya terimaksi mas 🙂 salam hangat

  8. Sering berkunjung kesini lama lama jadi pinter bahasa inggris nih mas

    1. Muhammad Mukhlis

      besar harapan saya mas sugi, semoga aja mas, salam hangat ya mas, kebetulan ditempat sya hujan ne, gerimis dah dari tadi 🙂 hiks hiks

  9. sebetulnya saya gak lancar gak bisa bahasa inggris pak, tapi karena saya penasaran dan ingin bisa saya translate deh di google semua yg tertulis dlm bahasa inggris biar rada paham sedikit hehehe… ternyata seperti sedang membahas masalah PTK Bahasa Inggris ya pak di kelas 2 SMP tentang keterampilan membaca meningkat melalui Metode Langsung untuk siswa tahun kedua dari SMPN 18 Banda Aceh… mantab pak …

    1. Muhammad Mukhlis

      betul sekali mas eka, disini kita uraikan tentang bagaimana cara meningkatkan kemampuan siswa dalam membaca, dan disini betul sekali sebagai metode kita gunakan direct method ( metode langsung mas ) dan bertujuan untuk mengetahui tentang kemapuan siswa dalm membaca. tp saya yakin mas eka lebih mengerti ini, hehe Thaks mas 🙂 slam sukses

  10. Adhief Hermawan

    di jaman yang modern ini juga bisa menerapkannya dengan bantuan teknologi hehe

    1. Muhammad Mukhlis

      betul sangat mas adhief, makasi buat mas, 🙂

  11. ahmad edo

    penting banget nih buat yg lg penelitian…. nice (y)

    1. Muhammad Mukhlis

      benar mas ahmad, moga bisa bermanfaat buat mereka yang sdg melakukan research 🙂

  12. Abah Template

    I really liked your article .. keep sending the article because I will be a loyal reader .

    1. Muhammad Mukhlis

      Alhamdulillah abah, thank very much, may your kindness and faithfulness rewarded by Allah, amii and the last, i dont forget to say "succes for you abah" 🙂

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