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Teaching English Vocabulary Through The Ice Age-1 Movie

Teaching English Vocabulary. Berikut ini merupakas salah satu contoh panduan skripsi Bab I yang berjudul “Teaching English Vocabulary through the Ice Age-1 Movie” (A Study at MTSN Grong-Grong Pidie). Seperti biasa pada post ini hanya admin tampilkan Bab I saja, dikarenakan bab selanjutnya ya kita bilang cukup panjang. Namun jika anda membutuhkannya, contak kami :

A.    Background of Study
English is one of international languages, which is used throughout the world and also English is used in many fields of life such as: in Politics, Economics, Social and Education. Therefore, English as a language in international communication is clearly needed by many learners to deliver thought and interact in a variety of situation.

English is one of the foreign languages for Indonesian students that must be learnt in school since kindergarten level until University level. English is considered as a difficult subject for the Indonesian students, because English is completely different from Indonesian language being look at from the system of structure, pronunciation and vocabulary. English teaching involves of four language skills, they are Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing.

In teaching and learning a language, there are four aspects that support four language skills above such as: grammar, vocabulary, spelling and pronunciation that are also taught in English teaching and learning process. Vocabulary is one of important aspects in teaching language, as stated by Edward in his book: Vocabulary is one of the important factors in all language teaching, student must continually be learning words as they learn structure and as they practice sound system.

Students sometimes find some difficulties in the process of learning vocabulary in this case in English word, they may be confronted by words that are totally unfamiliar with them and that their problem is they have to produce language due to their lack of vocabulary. As an English teacher, we should be creative to find a good way to help them enrich their vocabulary so they will not feel bored in the class. One of the ways is by using teaching aids. According to Romiszowski in Harjanto”….aids is the carries of message from some transmitting sources (which may be human being or an estimate object) to the receiver of the message (which in our case is the learners)” .

Mastering vocabulary is not difficult, it depends on our will, yet other aspect of language should be considered such as sound and grammar. As one of language elements, vocabulary is supposed to be practiced so that we can speak the language well. A good vocabulary goes hand in hand with our ability to think logically and to learn easily and quickly. A good vocabulary and our ability to use word correctly and effectively can be our passport to words of interesting and exciting. Large vocabulary help us express our ideas precisely in communication.

Many students find difficulty in mastering English vocabulary. Some factors are they do not understand The English vocabulary, the meaning and how to relate in the sentence . Beside that they do not how vocabulary use it. Sometimes making mistake, being laughed by their friend. And lack of confidence of their abilities. For this reason, the teacher can use effective methods that encourage student to take apart actively in the class. There is a method that can be used by the teacher to improve the student’s English vocabulary. It is doing watching the movie, as stated by Harmer:

“A movie is a communicative instrument between a teacher and his/her students in the class. With movie can make the students more understand about the problems and they will keep it for a long time. The movie helps the students study more effectively, actively, and enjoyably.”

Based on the statement above, the writer decided to chose the Ice Age-1 Movie as media in teaching vocabulary, because the Ice Age-1 movie is one of popular cartoon movie, using the simple dialogue and suitable for junior high school level, and the writer decided to compose this thesis by giving its title: “Teaching English Vocabulary through the Ice Age-1 Movie (A Study at MTSN Grong-Grong Pidie)”.

B.    Research Questions
There are two questions which are used to guide this study. The questions are:
1.    Is there effectiveness of using Ice Age-1 Movie in improving students’ mastering vocabularies?
2.    What Are the difficulties faced by students in mastering vocabulary through the Ice Age-1 movie?

C.    Aims of Study
The purpose of this study is that the writer wants to know the ability of the MTsN Grong-Grong students in mastering vocabularies through movie.
The main purposes of this study can be classified as follow:
1.  To find out the effectiveness of using Ice Age-1 movie in teaching vocabularies.
2.  To know the difficulties faced by students in mastering vocabulary by using movie.

D.    Research Method
The research conducted at MTsN Grong-Grong for second year students, this class is chosen because they are expected have a good proficiency and enough understanding in English and mastering simple and daily life vocabularies.
In writing this thesis, the writer needs various kinds of data and information to support this thesis. The techniques used in collecting data for the research is as follows:

1.    Questionnaire
To get other data, the writer also completed this thesis with questionnaires to students of second year class at MTsN. Then, the writer tried to find out the effectiveness method for the students in learning.

2.    Test
This study applies a developmental research design. Hence, this investigation will use two types of tests, pretest and post test. From these two tests, the researcher will be able to look at how is the students’ ability before and after the teaching and learning process happen. These two test are expected to describe the students’ achievement in more detail in three different categories, that is low, medium or high level of achievement.

3.    Observation
Observation was an instrument to know the condition of teaching-learning English process in class and it was used to know about student’s behavior in learning conversation. Accurately, Mifflin says, “the act of noticing or paying attention, or a piece of information about circumstances that exist or events that have occurred”.  The researcher observed the students’ activity in class when teaching learning process was done.

E.    Scope of Study  
There were so many aspect and problem in studying English especially in teaching and studying vocabulary for students. However, it was not possible to discuss the entire thing in this writing. Therefore, the writer limited the study to the first grade junior high school students of MTsN Grong-Grong. As the subject matter of this study; the writer want to know how the most students of MTsN Grong-Grong master vocabulary by using film cartoon, and to know the difficulties faced by students in mastering vocabulary by using cartoon film.

F.    Population and Sample
Participants of this research are explained in the first chapter; here the writer focused on more data and information about population and sample. “Population is a set (or collection) of all elements processing ones or more attributes of interest.”  As the writer explained above, population of this study was the second year students at MTsN Grong-Grong Pidie. Moreover, “sample is any group of individual which is selected to represent a population.”  In selecting sample, there are many ways can be chosen. The writer use purposing sample. So the writer chooses a class consisted of 24 students as the sample.

G.    Terminology
It was important to know what the definition of operational was. In Oxford Learner’s Dictionary, “Operational is a stage of working or being used in operation”.  There were some variables related to this operation discussed, namely:

1.    Vocabulary
In some literature, we found the meaning of vocabulary. There are some definitions of vocabulary. According to Harimurti Kridalaksana, Vocabulary is a component of language that maintains all of information about meaning and using word in language. According to Webster.s Ninth Collegiate Dictionary, Vocabulary is:

a. A list or collection of words and phrase usually alphabetically arranged and explained or defined.
b. A sum or stock of words employed by a language group individual or work or in a field of knowledge.
c. A list or collection of terms or codes available for use.
There are some experts who give definition of vocabulary Hatch and Brown define vocabulary as a list or set of words for a particular language or a list or set of word that individual speakers of language might use.

Furthermore Webster Dictionary noted that, vocabulary is: A list or collection of words usually alphabetically arranged and explained or lexicon, stock of words use in language or by class, individual, etc. While according to Roget, Vocabulary is:

a. An alphabetical list of words often defined or translated, the vocabulary includes idioms and two words verb.
b. All the word of Language.
c. Specialized expression indigenous to a particular fields, subject, trade or subculture.

From the definition above, that vocabulary is a component of language and numbers of words by a person class, profession, etc. In the communication and every aspects of life such as in trade, education, business, social, politic, etc.

2.    Movie
Movie is one type of audio visual media, in addition to the film. That many developed for the purposes of learning, usually packaged in the form of VCD. Harmmer gave the definition “A movie is a communicative instrument between a teacher and his/her students in the class. With movie can make the students more understand about the problems and they will keep it for a long time. The movie helps the students study more effectively, actively, and enjoyably.”

H.    Hypothesis
The hypothesis of this study is the using Ice Age-1 movie is very effective in teaching vocabulary for second year students of MTsN and there are some advantages of using Ice Age-1 movie as media in teaching vocabularies.

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