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The Steps To Write An Effective Research Proposals

Proposal’ is a loan word from the English language, which means, in the context of this paper, ‘proposal’. In the context of the student, the author of the proposal put forward proposals to the Head of Department or Faculty to conduct scientific research in the context of the writing, thesis or dissertation. In the context of research proposals submitted to the sponsoring institution, the author of the proposal submitted to the leadership of the agency’s proposal to obtain funding for scientific research he would do.

As an application for approval (or funding) role is very important proposal. It is a representation of yourself to convince the reader (assessor) proposal that you have a brilliant idea, a project which is very useful for society or for the development of knowledge that needs to be approved or be given the funds. Your success obtained approval or funding for such research is very dependent on the effectiveness of the proposal you write.

One common mistake that is often made by the authors of the proposals is that they do not devote much time and attention on writing proposals when, as described above, this is a document that most determine the fate of the proposed research. The assessment team will only read your proposal to determine whether your proposal will be approved or rejected. The quality of your proposed research will be assessed based on what you wrote in your proposal. Proposals were written in haste and without careful thought most likely be rejected by the assessment team because, according to the team, the proposed research will not be able to produce research findings that quality or useful and will only be a waste of energy alone.

Thesis, thesis or dissertation is essentially a research report done by the students to obtain a degree. Thesis writing this is one difference between a degree program (academic track) and diploma (vocational pathway or profession). Thesis writing, thesis or dissertation required to prove that the prospective graduate student in question has been able to apply a scientific approach in solving problems. Thus, proposals for thesis writing (thesis or dissertation) is essentially a proposal to conduct scientific research that ends in the form of the writing (thesis or dissertation).

Because you are proposing is a research activity then, before you write a research proposal, you have to understand really what is meant by the study. Fahaman or lack of understanding of the concept of research you will be easily viewable by the assessment team in the proposal that you wrote.

Research, according to Donald Ary dkki, is ‘adoption of a scientific approach to the study of a problem’. Research is a way to obtain useful information and accountable. The research objective was to find answers to important issues, through the application of scientific procedures. Therefore, research, first and foremost, must be scientifically and implemented in accordance with scientific principles that have been agreed in general.

As a process, studies have characterized as follows:

  1. The study was triggered by a question in the minds of researchers. Questions such as “why is this?”, “What is causing this?”, “What does this mean?” Is a question that often arises in the minds of researchers in their efforts to understand the world. Questions like that are generally triggered an investigation.
  1. Research requires the identification of a question or problem, which should be formulated in a language that is clear and unambiguous.
  1. Research should be systematic. All research efforts should be directed to achieve the research objectives. Do not assume that by gathering data / information alone will enable researchers to find something that can provide answers to a question or solve a research problem.
  1. The study is based on experience or empirical data observed and carefully formulated. Facts, experience, etc. Just still no meaning. New facts or the experience becomes important when it is observed, described and interpreted.
  1. A methodology that can be accounted required to observe, collect, process, and interpret data.
  1. The study requires expertise and objectivity in the hand of researchers.
  1. Research requires accurate reporting by researcher

The quality of research is determined by several indicators, among others:

  • a good research question (essential and useful for solving problems in the community or for the development of science)
  • The research design according to the research questions that will be answered
  • The method solid (valid and reliable) and can be implemented (feasible)
  • Researchers are competent

Quality of research such as that sought by the assessment team and information for the assessment was based on what you wrote in the proposal that you submitted. Therefore, you must prepare your research proposal writing carefully so as to convince the assessment team that your proposal, if approved, will produce high-quality research.

The quality of a research proposal is usually measured by the following indicators:

  • Titles are interesting and informative
  • Abstract reflecting the content of the proposal and convincing;
  • The research question is clear
  • Background and justification of academic research and relevant
  • The results of previous relevant research
  • Population and corresponding sample
  • Methods of measurement and appropriate interventions
  • Quality control research
  • The amount of sample that is sufficient
  • Plan a mature analysis
  • Handling is good research ethics issues
  • realistic implementation schedule
  • Budgets are tight (for the submission of research funds).

The quality of proposals is also seen from the physical form, among other things:

  • The exposure of an organized neat, clear, and concise-solid
  • The existence of a table of contents and the help of subtitles
  • The existence of a clear tables and charts
  • Tidiness, cleanliness and lack typographical errors

The format of the physical form must be addressed to facilitate the readers (proposal evaluator) understand Your proposal and immediately find what they want to know.

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