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The Utilization Of Communicative Language Teaching In Teaching Speaking Skill For Senior High School Student

Wah lagi lagi masalah Skripsi ni di postingan, kenapa sih skripsi muluu? timbul seperti ada desahan di telinga saya, dan akhirnya terjawab oleh benak pikiran saya, iya ndak papa, posting aja, ilmu itu harus disampaikan kepada orang lain, meskipun itu sedikit, ketika orang lain melihat dan bisa jadi manfaat, akan menjadi berkah. Yaya seperti yang dipaparkan oleh wali band “hidup indah bila mencari berkah”. Hik hik hik

Oya sahabat seperti biasa berikut Skripsi yang berjudul “The Utilization Of Communicative Language Teaching In Teaching Speaking Skill For Senior High School Student” A Collaborative Classroom Action Research to the Second Year Students of SMA S Nurul Islam).



1. Background of the Study

Language learning is important for human’s social development. As a language which is used by more than a half of population in the world, English holds the key as international language. English is a tool of communication among peoples of the world to get trade, social-cultural, science, and technology goals. Moreover, English competence is important in career development, therefore students need to understand and use English to improve their confidence to face global competition. Learning a language means learning to use that language to communicate both in oral form (listening and speaking) and written form (reading and writing). Learning a language particularly learning English, involves four basic skills: listening, speaking, reading, and writing. They are called language skills. Beside the language skills, English has some aspects which can be taught to the students

Those aspects are vocabulary, pronunciation, and grammar. They are called language aspects. In order to learn English well, both the language skills and language aspects are interrelated each other. While we are all aware of the status that English currently enjoys as a world language, an international system of communication. So, learning English language it mean learning how to talk the people in English. Learning to talk the people the student have to learn speaking. Student must develop their speaking skill. The fact shows that the result of teaching learning English especially for speaking is still low. The students have learned English from the first-grade of Junior High School until Senior High School, but most of them still cannot use English as tool of communication.

In SMAS Nurul Islam there are many student can not speak English well, actually they have learn vocabulary long time agoe before they have been in Junior Hight School. In the Boarding School all of student have to speak in English or Arabic as dailly language. When the researcher approached some student in the school and asked about English speaking they still got difficult when to talk to each other, still shy to speak and express the words. They have memorized many English word but difficult to talk even have many student cannot speak English.

These failures are influenced by many factors of the student education especially for English. It happens because of the education system at school just transfer the knowledge without using some method where the knowledge is separated from the application. Teachers teach materials that will be tested. The goal is that the students get good score in the final test, not for teaching untill student able to master English skill or can speak each other. They are not interested in learning English including to speak. Actually, in learning English, the students must get enjoyable class atmosphere, but the reality is on the contrary. So, based on the problems that happened in teaching learning process, especially in teaching speaking, the researcher implement the Communicative Language Teaching (CLT) method as one of solutions in teaching and learning process of English speaking to help students efficiently.

Because the problems that the researcher have an idea to apply the Communicative Language Teaching (CLT) method to the English teacher at SMA S Nurul Islam to the second year student, it is the ways to improve the students’ speaking skill. CLT is communicative competence and its emphasis is on communication, several theorists and teachers state that CLT does not involve teaching grammar at all. Communicative Competence. Communicative language teaching enables learners to acquire a language by focusing on the development of communicative competence. To do this, communicative language teachers use materials that focus on the language needed to express and understand different kinds of functions. (Examples include asking for things, describing people, expressing likes and dislikes and telling time.)

Communicative Language Teaching (CLT) teachers also emphasize the processes of communication – for example, using language appropriately in different types of social situations. They encourage students to use their second language to perform different kinds of tasks, like solving puzzles and getting information. They also stress using language to interact with other people.

Based on the background, researcher interested in coducting an action research, with the title “The Utilization of Communicative Language Teaching in Teaching Speaking Skill For Senior High School Student (A Collaborative Classroom Action Research to the Second Year Students of SMA S Nurul Islam)”.


2. Identification of the Problem

Based on the background above, the researcher can identify the problems of the research. The problems are as follows:

  1. The student can not speak English well.
  2. The teacher does not mastery some techniques until they cannot use it in teaching learning process.
  3. The facility to support teaching learning process is still lack and not provided in the school.
  4. Problem of the Research

Based on the background above, the problem of this research question can be mentioned:

  1. How can Communicative Language Teaching improve students’ Speaking Skill For Senior High School Student?
  2. How is the class condition when the teacher use of Communicative Language Teaching in Teaching Speaking Skill For Senior High School Student?


3. Objective of the Research

Based on the research problem mentioned above. The objective of the research are:

  1. To know how can Communicative Language Teaching improve students’ Speaking Skill For Senior High School Student.
  2. To investigate the class atmosphere when the teacher use of Communicative Language Teaching in Teaching Speaking Skill For Senior High School Student.

4. Scope of the Research

This current research is only limited to teaching speaking at the second Year Students of SMA Nurul Islam. Thus, teacher utilize of Communicative Language Teaching in Teaching Speaking Skill for second class of Senior High School Student. The research will be done in two cycles, each cycles consiste of three meeting. In teaching speaking, teacher ask the student to explain something with their own words. The teacher apply some picture to the student, then the teacher ask the student to describe it. The material give by teacher based on “Asking and Giving Opinion”. In teaching speaking the researcher choose partially interactive speaking as type of speaking. Some speaking situations are partially interactive, such as when giving a speech to a live audience.


5. Significance of the Research

The researcher hopes this research have some significances in the study of teaching learning process. The results of this research can be useful in theoretically and practically

  1. Theoretically

Theoretically this research is hoped to give a contribution for the theory of the utilization of Communicative Language Teaching in Teaching Speaking Skill For the second year of Senior High School Student.

  1. Practically

The result of the research can be used as input of teaching learning process in Senior High School especially in teaching Speaking and can be used as one of the reference for those who want to conduct a research in teaching learning process.


6. Operational Definition

To make this thesis title is clearer, the writer gives some definition of term:

  1. Speaking

“Speaking” is derived from “Speak” the suffix “ing” makes it as gerund. Speak is to use a certain language. Speaking is an interactive process of constructing meaning that involves producing and receiving and processing information. Speaking means expressing our ideas in language we learn in oral communication. Thus, speaking is an activity involving two or more people in sending and receiving the information.

2.Communicative Language Teaching (CLT)

Communicative Language Teaching (CLT) is an approach to teaching of second and foreign languages that emphasizes interaction as both the means and the ultimate goal of learning a language. It referred to as communicative approach to the teaching of foreign language or simply the communicative approach.

Sekian semoga bisa bermanfaat. Wassalam


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